Monday, February 18, 2013

Aliya Hart: 6 Months

Our little girl is so darn cute! My goodness is she adorable. She is mostly content as long as she is entertained (wonder where she got that trait). She LOVES playing with Rye, especially playing cars, which works out well since that's still his favorite thing to do too. She is doing better with solids these days too. Her schedule (roughly) is wake up around 7:30-8, nurse. breakfast around 9. nap 10-12. Nurse. Lunch around 12:30. Nap around 1:45-4ish. Nurse. Snack around 4:30. Dinner around 6:30. Nurse and then back in bed around 7:30. I nurse her again when I go to bed around 10:30/11 and UNFORTUNATELY she's still waking up around 4 for a quick nurse. But enough with the details, here's some big baby cuteness!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Recap: Rye's 3rd Birthday

Well, well, well. Look who's back. I'll skip the excuses and just start in with the recap. Here's Rye's third birthday party on 10/22. My goodness he's getting to be a big boy and so much fun! I really do love 3. Better than 2, for sure.

Here he is, doing his birthday art master piece.

His birthday cupcake 

Birthday party with his birthday hat (which he got at school) and his Grandaddy.

funny photo shoot with his friends

the boys

the girls...

his super cool birthday cake that Aunt Emmy made and mommy decorated (Mommy had been super sick the week before and birthday preps were neglected. Emmy to the rescue!)

Rye got SUCH a kick of us singing Happy Birthday to him. He just lit up every time. It was great.

Previously wonderful, now falling out of favor Aunt Emmy gave Rye 2 frogs for his birthday which were a BIG hit with the kids. Not so much with the parents.

After Rye's Pizza party we ended the day at the park with his friends. Here he is going down the big slide with Dad.

Happy Birthday Rye!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Aliya: 5 Months

Because it's impossible to have too many pictures of baby cuteness...

Our sweet girl is such a blessing. She is easy going, laid back, charming, adorable, sweet, happy, content, interactive and did I mention adorable?
 Her schedule these days looks like this:
7:30-8am Wake up/nurse
8:45am: Possibly some baby food if she's in the mood
9:45/10am: Nurse then nap
11:30-12pm: wake up and be adorable
12:30pm: Baby food
1:30/1:45pm: Nurse then nap
4-4:30pm: Wake up possible nurse
5:30/6pm: Baby food dinner of delectableness
7pm: Bath
7:15/7:30pm: Nurse then drift off to happy baby sleep
10:30/11pm: Wake up to nurse when mom goes to bed
4am: Wake up to feed, occasionally sleep through

Her favorite person to cuddle is mom, her favorite person to play with is Rye but Daddy gets all the best smiles. She is really social and will forgo her schedule if it means she can be charming an audience. She is just like her momma, only getting cranky when hungry and tired. ;) Overall we could not ask for a better or sweeter baby. God has blessed us tremendously with this wonderful little Leala Bear.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Me and my buddy

Monday, August 27, 2012

VA: Family time

Figured I'd better upload these suckers before we head back up to VA to collect more pictures.
Love these of Rye and Grandaddy...

 Kiki and Leela...

 oh, now this is funny...wrestle time...
 Mimi, Rye and Ellen
 Mimi and Aliya

 working on her big smiles...
suggle time...